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Deborah K. Tash

White Wolf Woman

Deborah K. Tash/In Her Image Studio
Soft Power/Shamanic Invocation of the Sacred Feminine
  (Selections from Reclaiming The Sacred Cunt Project)
Paintings-Drawings-Ceramic Sculpture
August 18, 2015 – Tuesday
Pop Up Show
7:30 to 9:30pm
OneTaste SF
1446 Market Street @ Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA  94110
Soft Power Series/Study #1 Cunt Egg XIX 16JUN12 TASH c

Soft Power Series/Study #1 Cunt Egg XIX 16JUN12 TASH c

Please scroll down past post for Reclaiming The Sacred Cunt Project Gallery and video
I am excited about this popup show even though it is just a one evening affair.  It is happening in my favorite place to be these days.  I am honored to be the first ever artist to be hosted by OneTaste SF in their headquarters.  I have been a member of the community since hearing Nicole Daedone, CEO and founder of OneTaste speak in late April.  I immediately recognized myself to be in the presence of a Zen Master as she spoke and gave energy transmissions to those who engaged her in dialog.  The practice of Orgasmic Meditation, a partnered Zen meditation, is the foundation for the organization of OneTaste dedicated to the Sacred Feminine in each of us.  It is the path of spirituality through sexuality made accessible in a deep meditation/pleasure practice; just what I have been exploring in my art and writing and waiting to find full expression of in my life!  I took the Introduction To OM course in early May and then from July 22nd to 26th I took the OM Mastery course which moved me from underlying constant fear through a melt down to an alchemical experience of liberation which has resulted in an experience of calm and safety in my body unprecedented in my life so far.   My OM practice has definitely sustained me through all of the exquisitely testing and learning experiences so far this year.  I look forward to how it will transmute and transform my art in the coming months.  You can find out more at onetaste.us about OM, OneTaste and Nicole Daedone using this link.

So, here it is August 2015; summer and more than half way through a challenging and difficult year.  As an artist and poet, on a Shamanic and alchemical path that honors the Sacred Feminine, I have been aware of the difficult and challenging aspects of the Goddess such as Kali and the Phoenix throughout my life.  I have learned to embrace change even when I felt like digging in both heels and resisting.  It’s not always fun.  This year has been fraught with change.  I was surprised when the entity that I was channeling in the early 1990s, White Wolf, began to communicate with me during a session of automatic writing.  I was working on the beginnings of a new series in honor of my totem animals and spirit allies at the beginning of the year  when she came through.  She has been communicating with me that way regularly since.  She insisted again, as she did in the 90s, that I call myself White Wolf Woman and though I protested at first what still seemed too airy fairy, even for me, I am using that name now and slowly growing into the sense of rightness and empowerment that the name confers.

At the end of January one of my dearest ex-lovers died by his own hand and six weeks later, my dear friend, supporter and videographer of my work, M. Joseph Schaller, died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack in his beloved wife’s arms.  He was a treasured friend and true supporter of my art in honor of the Sacred Feminine.


M. Joseph Schaller, PhD

Remembering that the Sacred Feminine encompasses not only the sweet and light aspects of the Goddess but also loss, chaos, darkness and death; being melted down in the cauldron of transmutation, I move forward.  In order to till the soil for rebirth and alchemical transformation, I have been allowing my grief full expression in my poetry and art, intent upon honoring, as ancestors, the sixteen friends and family members who have passed out of my life into the spirit realms in the last five years.  You can see almost daily postings of poetry, images and photos on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/InHerImageStudio.

Illuminated Poems-Ancestor Song In Green 18APR15 iP 6

Illuminated Poems/Ancestor Song In Green-Detail 2015 TASH c

I was just at a point where my emotions were beginning to smooth out a bit at the time of my birthday in late May when I discovered that I was part of a series of break ins at my storage facility, Public Storage on Evans Street in San Francisco,  where I have three units.  The unit where I stored my large paintings was burglarized and though the thieves were caught there was no recovery of lost work.  Then again at the beginning of July the unit where I stored my work ready for sale and display was also broken into; the thieves literally kicked in the roll up door dislodging the channel from the wall and apparently handpicked from my boxed and labeled pieces.  There were 15 works of my art stolen overall.  I am still reeling from this loss, dealing with police reports, insurance forms, possibly contacting the FBI and learning how to make sense of it all while holding the space for alchemical transmutation through embracing chaos and death.  Some days are better than others, but I look forward to the time when all of this will translate into new and more profound art.  I do trust the process.  For more information and for photos of the stolen art click on the sidebar in the upper left hand corner next to this post.

3 Illuminated Poems Series-Emerging In Winter's Shadow 18JAN15 5

Illuminated Poems Series/Emerging In Winter’s Shadow 2015 TASH c Mixed Media Mask and Painting

Even in the midst of this chaos and death, my Muse speaks.  Here are a couple of mixed media mask and painting pieces that I completed.

Illuminated Poems-Ancestor Song In Green 18APR15 iP 3

Illuminated Poems/Ancestor Song In Green 2015 TASH c Mixed Media Mask and Painting

Gallery/Reclaiming The Sacred Cunt Project


See the YouTube video for the September AWE Gallery Show for Soft Power/Shamanic Invocation Of The Sacred Feminine with selections from the Reclaiming The Sacred Cunt Project:









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