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In Her Image Studio-Visionary Art-Castro District of San Francisco

Angel Dreams Series/Casting Into The Future From The Eye Of Beauty 2011 TASH c

Following Spirit without hesitation is an integral practice for the visionary artist.  As a self-taught San Francisco Visionary artist,  I follow the Shamanic transformational process through art; visioning  and honoring the Divine Feminine as the Goddess in her many forms. I am committed to creating art that reflects beauty and serves as a bridge in our daily lives for transforming the viewer and deepening our personal understanding of Spirit and the Sacred Feminine in each of us. As a visionary artist,  my work originates in reveling in the creative act itself.  I allow each piece to unfold in its own rhythm and time while listening to the inner perceptions of my soul and  to inner voices, as well as following my Muse.   I work from idea to medium with intensity, being led by this inner process, using paint, mask, ceramics, pen and ink, Prismacolor pencils, fabric and  mixed media collage; whatever I am guided to use for the Shamanic expression of each piece.  I organize my art into distinct series using whatever techniques and mediums best express the themes.

The Shallows Series/Vessel I 2011 TASH c

Poem Painting Prototype/Love Poem For Dori 2013 TASH c

I am currently experimenting with my poetry,  photography and painting creating Poem Paintings.

I am the  principal owner of In Her Image Studio and a selection of my work can be seen in the ART>Gallery section above.  To read the blog for the Inspired By The Tides/Vessels From The Shallows go to ART>Projects>Inspired By The Tides Project Blog above.