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Proposal For Spirit Box

Have You Seen Your Godself Today?

Inside of a pyramid
Inside of a Vastu designed temple
The walls hosting ten paintings
Born from the heart of ten poems
One sculpture showing
The shadow of my former self
A labyrinth with a box in the middle
Inside the box
A hologram of the body of light
Captures and reflects
The essence of each person as spirit
As they look into its mirror

I forgive myself for my weakness and fear
I deserve to carry this vision
I deserve to bring it into manifestation
I am willing to be healed
I am willing to learn what must be learned
To be in the world in a telling way
Effective and responsible
I release myself from the trauma
Of a childhood of abuse
Allowing my brilliance to shine
Allowing my brain to function
As it was designed to do

To give my vision reality
To honor those who guide me
To be a bearer of Light
To follow Spirit without hesitation
I accept this task

30 JAN 11 TASH c

The Spirit Box project is meant to give each individual who experiences it an encounter with the reality of their own essence as spirit embodied and their interconnectedness with every other person on the planet. It is meant to shift the consciousness of each participant in a profound and lasting way. It is my intention to add my drop of water to the increasing consciousness of the reality of the Christos spirit rising in each of us as this wave of spiritual awakening gains momentum all over the planet. We are at the beginning of a new age. The answers to our multiple planetary crises are not simply material. Religions, science and political systems are not sufficient for the task without the unified intentions of every sentient being added to them. Rather, in each individual’s relationship with the Divine incarnate within them and their increasing consciousness of all of life’s interrelatedness lies the seed of healing and transformation; on an individual basis, for humanity as a whole, and for our precious jewel of a planet.

The first element for changing consciousness is the pyramid. Inside the Transamerica pyramid in the lobby where they display art is a small temple built on Vastu principles of architecture. The temple and these architectural principles are the second element for shifting the consciousness of the participant. Once one steps inside the temple one finds ten assemblage paintings depicting ten corresponding poems from my Spirit Voices series arranged on the surrounding walls and a sculpture entitled The Shadow Of My Former Self from my personal journey. The third consciousness raising element will be piped in music designed for that purpose. In the center of the temple is a large labyrinth, the fourth element for changing the consciousness of the participant. Walking the labyrinth balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain resulting in increased inner peace and harmony and preparing the participant for the next step. When they reach the inner circle of the labyrinth, the participant will find a step on the side of the 10’-15’ high box itself, not seen from the entrance to the labyrinth, and a window or portal to the inside. Inside the box the walls are painted with my cloudscape motif overlaid with the molecule/bubble motif I have been working with for the past few years. In each of the inside corners there will be a large crystal to assist in focusing the energy generated by being in the center of the labyrinth. In the inside middle will be a holographic representation of a body of light standing with partially outstretched arms similar to the classic statues of Christ. The face of the hologram will remain blank until the viewer has been standing on the step for several seconds, at which time, a mechanism will be activated which will begin a sequence of faces projected onto it culminating in capturing the face of the viewer as the final projection. The participant/viewer will have a maximum of five minutes to be with their image as a body of light. There will be room around the box for those who wish to remain in the middle of the labyrinth for a longer period of time. Once the participant has completed their time in the center of the labyrinth, they can then walk the second half of the labyrinth and exit it to leave the temple or stay to view the paintings.

All of the individual pieces of art inside the temple will be available for sale, as well as music and copies of the graphic novel, The Gods In The Mirror, outside of the temple, in the lobby area.

Deborah K. Tash/copyright 2011