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Artwork Stolen — July 2015

In May and again in the first week of July 2015 Public Storage on Evans Street in San Francisco contacted me to tell me that two of my storage units were burglarized.  A total of 15 of my sculptures were stolen.  The thieves who broke into the first of my units in May were caught because it was a mass break in of several units and apparently was recorded on camera.  There was no recovery of the two pieces stolen from that unit.  The second unit was broken into in an isolated incident; the thieves kicked in the rolling door on the unit where the majority of my art for sale and display was stored and apparently handpicked the pieces they decided to steal.  To date they have not been caught and there has been no recovery of my work.

I am considering listing them with the FBI’s Stolen Artwork registry.  If you see my stolen work on the Internet, hear of the whereabouts of any of these pieces or come into contact with them or anyone attempting to sell them, please contact me immediately!