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Ancestor Song In Green

Ancestor Song In Green

The mask of the ancestor song
Sits waiting in green
Gessoed and spectral as death
It serves to connect with a past
Morphed beyond memory
Becoming a portal into awakening

Bark, leaves and seed
Eucalyptus signature will claim
Spirit voices emerging
From the unseen depths
Surrounding daily life
Ghosts and shadows waiting acknowledgement

Ancestors gather as stones
Their voices riding on the wind
Calling for attention to details
Inherent in every prayer
Thanksgiving for what is already
True lessons of manifestation

The magicks of sorceress and wizard
Found at the behest of the Owl
Sink gently into Source
Drawing power from the Cosmos
Beauty fashioning every intention
Of gratitude and appreciation

The mask waiting in green
Unravels fear and reticence
This spirit door located in cellular memory
Nestles in bark, leaves and seed
To dance the sacred spiral
Unlocking all reverence for the ancestors

28FEB15 TASH ©

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