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With The Sacred Land As Witness

Two hawks overhead
Moving with us through the valley
As we arrived
A doe stood watching
In the waving grass

A eucalyptus tree
As tall as childhood
Stood sentinel beside stones
While a vulture circled the sky
To remind me of mystery

As the underworld beckoned
From that place where
All passes away
To be consumed in rebirth
One breath at a time

Calling on the spirits
To guide my feet
I walked back to the hall
On this new stretch of my path
Prayers on my lips

Show me how to be
In this new healing
When the sun is obscured
By the moon
And all is reset

The flock was waiting
Turkey vultures in answer
The leader limping toward me
Flew into a tree
As I sent it light

The night called softly
Women gathered as mirrors
To step into our truest selves
Challenging the obstacles
Of life’s details of embodiment

22MAY12 TASH c

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